I am many things: Obsessive reader, passionate debater, romantic yet pragmatic, and of course…an accidental writer. I started high school wanting to become an engineer, finished wanting to be a journalist. Studied wanting to be a historian, then a teacher and finally a politician. But life had other plans, and I am now working, of all places, in a financial services company. I am not your average Indian woman and would never want to be classified that way.

I love to laugh, and love people with a good sense of humour. To me, humour is like wine: the drier, the better. I believe in speaking my mind, even if my opinions are sometimes inconvenient to the listener. I don’t care for those who don’t care to listen, have a problem with three things: hypocrisy, injustice and negativity, and write when I encounter one of these. Ten years ago, I used to be harsh in my criticism, but over time I’ve learnt the art of using humour for criticism. I wouldn’t say I am great at that, but I am learning and hope to get better.

My favourite reads include Ponniyin Selvan, The Alchemist, Memoirs of a Geisha and any P.G. Wodehouse I can lay my hands on. Some day, I hope to take off from work to experiment: do a Ph.D, go on a world tour, write a book, script a play, work for a film maker, and maybe even act. I have no idea when all this will happen, but when it does, I am sure to post it here!

Want to know more? Read on! My writings are sure to reveal…!

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