The writer in me…


An accidental writer, who is increasingly trying to make her writing more deliberate and less accidental. I am the dreamer and the lover of words. I started high school wanting to become an engineer, finished wanting to be a journalist. Studied wanting to be a historian, then a teacher and finally a politician. But life had other plans and I am now firmly entrenched in the corporate world.

I am passionate about my work. Books are the love of my life. I make few friends, but those who do breach that wall stay friends for life. People with an intelligent mind and a good sense of humour interest me. I write on what inspires, and what outrages. Lately though, hardly anything outrages me any more, given the trigger-happy social media world we live in! As a result, I write less and less, focusing more on offline journaling instead.

Everyone once in a while, I do turn out something that I find worthy of publication and that’s what you will find on this blog.

My favourite reads include The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Handmaid’s Tale and pretty much any PG Wodehouse I can lay my hands on.

Want to know more? Read on! My writings are sure to reveal…!

I also tweet @accidentlwriter. Follow me there for a more regular update! 🙂

One thought on “The writer in me…

  1. Yogy

    Went thru some of ur write ups… very sensitive and contain micro feelings … very impromptu just like like life. Though found ur bent more towards sensuality and free spirited sexuality but there is a good streak of detailing that can also handle a screenplay very well.
    Really good work! Keep it up and write more often!

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