Recent news reports (Vote for Manned Space Mission) have suggested that he ISRO may be seriously considering sending a manned mission to space. My question is, why exactly? What is the mission going to accomplish? If there is any concrete and useful outcome, it makes sense. Otherwise, not really. Should the government and the ISRO not refrain from such unnecessary expenditure when all the information that is needed from the moon is already available at the NASA? What is India trying to do? Declare itself as part of the developed world by launching a mission which was the exclusive domain of the Cold War powers. I do not think so.

The keyword today is collaboration. If India can think seriously of collaborating with the US on areas of nuclear technology, what stops the ISRO from signing a similar accord with the NASA? I fail to understand the rationale behind the decision. If you understand it, do let me know.

Man on the moon? for what good?

One thought on “Man on the moon? for what good?

  • November 9, 2006 at 11:07 pm

    I concur with Amri. With NASA doing as good a job as it can, what other need is there for us to send a manned mission up in space ? If anything, space research in India needs to improve upon its artificial satellites’ longevity.

    Leave all that aside; there’s a ton of issues back on earth and at ground level that need to be sorted out. Haven’t we already established that an Indian man could walk on the moon ?


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