Have something to say? Please feel free to do so! But, before you do, read this.

1) Comments on this blog are moderated. And there is a reason for it. Remember, with freedom comes responsibility. So, while you express your views, do so responsibly.

2) Obscenity, personal attacks, ethnic references etc., are strictly No-No. As i said, comments are moderated. If I find any of the above, I reserve the right to not publish the comment.

3) If you are really angry, feel free to throw your keyboard at your fancy new LCD monitor. It belongs to you. You may not, however, throw hurtful words at other people’s faces. That, in case you didn’t realise, belongs to them!

4) Finally, please leave a name when you comment. Anonymous comments are not disabled, but you will make a better impact if you leave a name, any name, even if it is a pseudonym. I don’t take opinions of those who refuse to name themselves seriously. Nor to I deign to reply. That should speak for itself.

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