Now, this is what I call blogging on the go. However, for lack of internet connection or even phone connection all day long, I will post my impressions gathered through the day at the end of the day when I get back to the hotel!

  • First impressions: Rome is like Chennai. Taxis refusing to ply, cars parked on pavements, traffic lights that everyone ignores. Yay for Italy!
  • Trying to find the hotel: Lost in Rome, when I requested help, a very nice couple took the trouble of directing me to the hotel, after having looked it up on their GPS. Sweet! Don’t think people in Paris would ever do that!
  • Getting used to the idea of being alone with my thoughts and moods. Must bring a book and a pen along tomorrow. Makes it easier to write.
  • There is something liberating about being able to go into a restaurant alone and order something to eat. Equally a relief is when people don’t wonder why someone would be vegetarian.
  • Lunch! Just finished a decent meal after nibbling inedible morceaus in Paris. Cheers to the Italians who are so helpful. The guy actually made something for me that didn’t contain meat or fish.
  • I am the only idiot waiting for a green signal to cross a road. Everyone else just walks.
  • Just saw the most beautiful set of rosary beads. Pity I am not Christian and don’t know any religious ones. Would have bought one otherwise…
  • I can buy condoms from a vending machine outside a pharmacy but not lip balm or BandAid. Strange place.
  • People look happy. I actually see them smiling at others. So unlike Paris.
  • There is something so beautifully peaceful about the St. Paul’s Basilica, that I couldn’t help praying at the chapel.
  • These are men of God. Their devotion and faith touches the heart, however misguided the brain may claim it is.
  • First pizza in Italy not impressive. Too salty and soggy. Damn my taste buds. They never seem satisfied.WP_20140214_005

And finally, I spent Valentine’s Day attending a special prayer (which was beautiful by the way) at the St. Paul’s Basilica and having dinner by myself in a pizzeria decked in red and while balloons! Can there be anything more…unusual?

I leave you with one picture to end the day!

The European Adventure – I

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