I continue my endeavour to blog once a day. Since I have nothing better to say at the moment, why not take the opportunity to rant a bit?
I hate those repeated requests to play this game and that on Facebook. I mean, people need to take the hint when I ignore it once, right? But no. They will keep bombarding me with those zillion requests to play Candy Crush and Hidden Express. Ladies and Gentlemen, if I had the time to play stupid games on FB, wouldn’t I make better use of it by blogging more frequently?
On a more serious note, I find this constant eulogising of Narendra Modi on FB a bit tiring. Look, I get it. I understand you are enamoured by him and think he is the next best thing after sliced bread. But, that doesn’t mean you clog my timeline by constantly talking of what he did. Also, I find those forwarded messages on Sonia Gandhi’s antecedents in very bad taste. You are free to disagree with someone’s policies or politics, but that doesn’t give you the right to question her character or malign her personal life. And yet, this is what more right-wing political analysts do. Perhaps now it is time for me to break my self-imposed silence on Indian politics and do a bit of analysis myself.
Talking of bad taste, that new Park Avenue ad takes the cake. The man in question basically acts like a jerk and that’s supposed to be cool? What was the ad agency thinking?
So, that’s end of rant for today. More forced than voluntary because I am blogging from mobile due to a non-functional WiFi connection. So, ciao! See y’all tomorrow!

More pointlessness…

2 thoughts on “More pointlessness…

  • December 3, 2013 at 10:41 am

    Unfortunately as a people we are addicted to hero-worshiping and we have to invent heroes and heroins all the time.What is strange about Sonia baiting is the talk about her foreign origin.In a country where people are mad about tracing their origins to North pole,South pole and eurasia it is difficult to understand how her foreign origin is a disqualification.Even the Telugus,Kannadigas and Malayalis are very fond of claiming that 90% of their language s are derived from Sankskrit.Because Sankskrit in one among the Indo-European group of languages they are also Indo-Europeans and hence superior to others.Even the outcastes among them suffer from this complex.Even among the Muslims The Syeds,Khans and Sheiks who claim foreign origin are considered superior to to the local converts.

  • December 10, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Agree on your views… of playing games in FB and on the over hype for NAMO….


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