Just when I was wondering how exactly to go about writing my next post, this tag by Julie came as a saviour. She points to the 7-link Challenge and requests all bloggers take this up. I would request all of you reading this to take this up as well. This is especially true for those of you who figure on my long-neglected blogroll and also for any of you who reads this blog regularly but has never commented. If you are looking for an excuse to blog, here it is! So, this is what you do. Link to posts in the following seven categories. 1) your first post, 2) the post you enjoyed writing the most, 3) a post that had a great discussion, 4) a post on someone else’s blog that you wish you had written, 5) your most helpful post, 6) a post with the title you’re most proud of, and 7) a post that you wish more people had read.

My list is here!! Hope you enjoy it. Keep visiting.

1) your first post

Ahem…stop embarrassing me! The first post was just an announcement that I have decided to start a blog! But since you asked, here it is. It’s called a Space of One’s Own. In fact, this blog was called that for over 2 years, until I decided I was bored with it.

2) the post you enjoyed writing the most

Ok…there are two. But if you want just one, I’d vote for “The Quest for the Perfect Bride.” Making fun of my friend was just too good to resist. And my! His reactions when he read it made all my effort totally worth it!

3) a post that had a great discussion

Again, two of them. The post with the maximum number of comments us on Hinduism and Mangalore’s pubs. Granted, I received a lot of unwanted attention and was even called names for this one, but I stand by every word I wrote in it. The kind of support I received on this post from bloggers and non-bloggers alike was simply overwhelming.

4) a post on someone else’s blog that you wish you had written

I discovered Meghna’s blog some time back. I loved this post. But, when I learnt she was just 12 years old (now 13) at the time, I wished I could write at least half as well. Sigh! Some things are not to be. 😉

5) your most helpful post

Ok! Now I think it’s this, but guys…you need to tell me if it really is! 😛

6) a post with the title you’re most proud of

Now, I am not particularly clever with titles. In fact, my posts have titles only because they feel incomplete without it. But I quite liked this.

7) a post that you wish more people had read.

Ok. I am linking to two, related posts. One, trying to demystify the US-India Nuclear Deal. The second justifying the need for nuclear energy. Both are well-researched, well-articulated posts. But somehow, nob0dy seems interested enough to comment!

And now, let me pass the baton to all those who are in my blogroll. And also to those would want to take this up. Please do link back so I know you’ve done it and I can read! So long!

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  • August 22, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Thanks for taking up the challenge, Amru! (And so quickly, too!) I’m hungrily clicking on all the links… :o)


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