On writer’s block and assorted things…

It’s been one of my longest blogging breaks to date. Not that I am proud of it, but for some reason, I find myself unable to sit down and pen my thoughts with any degree of coherence. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. But there are some random thoughts floating around in my head that I am trying extremely hard to verbalise.

First things first, what’s this hype about Valentine’s Day? Practically everyone I knew asked me what I did for V-day and practically nobody believed me when I said I went to a temple with family! I mean, what the hell? Why can’t I not go out with someone, just because it’s Valentine’s Day? The same people who are perfectly willing to accept that I am single on the 364 other days of the year, are unwilling to believe exactly the same story on V-Day? And people say I am a cynic! Sigh!!

Then…reactions to my previous blogpost. No, I don’t really want to start a school to teach men anything at all. Personally, I can’t be bothered. I leave the teaching to the mummies. And that was supposed to be a bloody joke!! Someone actually linked to me (no, I refuse to link him back) stating that the worst advertisement for feminism is a feminist! Guys!! Where is your sense of humour? Maybe I should just take sanyas and go away to the Himalayas to meditate!

Finally, I moved my backside to change my blog template. The current one looks (I hope) a bit more colourful and cheerful than the black and white one I had previously. I changed it after lots of people, from both the real world and the virtual told me my template did not go well with the title of my blog. Apparently, the template was too dull. So, here it is…my new template! Do leave a comment on what you think about it!

And now, is time to shut up and publish. Enough incoherence already! Until next time….so long!!

9 thoughts on “On writer’s block and assorted things…

  1. sreekrishnan says:

    not being argumentative or offensive, if most of them didn’t get the Humor – then, i think it wasn’t suggesting it ..probably … 🙂
    [yeah this comment is purely Defense, Saving face !]

  2. Krishna Aradhi says:

    You really shouldn’t be surprised when some people can’t get a joke. We Indians have lost our sense of humor. The fact that we seem to lose our cool over every ‘offensive’ statement or movie is evidence enough.

    The new theme is really good. It is colorful, has the basic social media widgets built into it, and is minimalist. Good choice of theme 🙂

    • amrutha says:

      Krishna!! Welcome welcome!! I have been following your other (two?) blogs and wondering where the hell you disappeared. I didn’t realise you had yet another blog! Will subscribe now! 🙂

      And yes! Chose this theme with great difficulty. I wanted something colourful but somehow didn’t like the magazine style themes. Too difficult to navigate I find. And about the sense of humour…I suppose yes!! Sigh!! Life’s like that! 😛

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