…is not a good thing! And no, I haven’t gone mad…yet! I was just reading this post by IHM. And as usual, wondering if the perfect man exists! I know, I know. We’ve been through this before. I know perfect men do not exist, nor do perfect women for that matter. We are all human, with more than our fair share of flaws. But why do we look for this non-existent perfection in our partners?

Yes, yes. Me too. I look for perfection too sometimes. Every now and then, I stop and tell myself I am chasing a mirage and learn to chill. I have said somewhere before this that the world is not a Mills and Boon novel, where demure, pretty heroines end up with tall, dark and handsome Greek business tycoons. No way! Life would be boring if it were so easy, wouldn’t it? And how are we to know whether those tall, dark and handsome Greek business tycoons actually make good husbands. The book ends before we ever find out.

Perfection in an individual is sometimes scary. It is intimidating to see a apparently flawless person. Call me a cynic, but the first thing I wonder when I see someone ostensibly perfect is what skeletons he/she is hiding in their closet. Sigh! I really need to learn to trust don’t I? Don’t mind me…am just being…erm…difficult??


2 thoughts on “Perfection…

  • September 23, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    I agre with you Amrutha! I would be very vary of a perfect person too… even of people who claim to be perfectionist, because such a person might want to control everything and everybody around them, to make his world perfect (in his eyes)… how do such people deal with differences in lifestyle, attitudes, living day to day habits and imperfections??

    I feel perfection is very subjective.

  • September 23, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    Imperfection assured, man and woman compliment each other? Does that make sense?

    It does…kinda!


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