Me: (With a sigh) All good-looking men are either married, taken, gay or not interested in me!

Q: (Equally pensive) True…what to do? (Suddenly waking up to the fact that I mentioned a good-looking guy) But wait! Who are you talking about?

Me: (Eyes twinkling) Why? Are you interested?

Q: (Nose turned up) Uh? Me? No way! Just asking who you are thinking about while saying this.

Me: Nobody in particular. And mind you, there aren’t many good-looking men in my office.

Q: (Not willing to let go) Not many? Aha! That means there are a few… (Sitting up on the bed and folding her legs below her…indications that she is getting too comfortable) So, tell me! Who is it?

Me: (By now exasperated) Arrey! I am telling you na? Koi nahin hai! This is just a general observation of certain facts of life!

Q: (Still not taking no for an answer) No. I don’t believe that! Abhi bolo…is it A? or B? or C at least?

Me: (Tired of this conversation) Kya ABCD laga rakha hai? Main bol rahi hoon na? Nobody in particular. This is a general observation! How difficult is it to get that point?

Q: (Still looking rather skeptical) Oh. Ok. If you insist!

Two weeks later, she still sneaks in a question about the good-looking man in question, hoping I’ll be caught off-guard and mention someone by name. Unfortunately for her, (or must I say, fortunately for me?) this really was only a general observation inspired by nobody in particular.

Snippets of conversation…

3 thoughts on “Snippets of conversation…

  • September 21, 2009 at 6:40 am

    Ha ha 🙂 This is an observation I have heard before… Another one is, “The guys I think are cute don’t like me, it’s always the ones I am not interested in that like me.”

    🙁 That’s so bloody true!! The creeps are always interested…the cute ones are not! Sigh!

  • September 21, 2009 at 11:35 am

    haha. Creeps are interested in any women, not necessarily cute.


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