D, going through my photos of Onam, shrugs nonchalantly and says, “You are not as innocent as you look.”

I look up, confused. Me? Innocent? Did I actually hear someone saying I look innocent? Exasperated, I turn around to face him and say, “D, how dare you even think of calling me innocent?”

In case you are wondering why I took so much offense, it’s because innocent is the worst possible way to describe me. I am not innocent and will never be! D looks at me, and starts laughing. “You are only person I know who actually hates being called innocent,” he says, still laughing uncontrollably. “Most people would kill to get that compliment.”

Raising one eyebrow, I look at him, “Well…I am not most people…”

D decides he has had enough. “You most definitely are not!”

I love having the last word in conversations. But this is one conversation in which I’ll give that a pass.

Deceptively innocent?

2 thoughts on “Deceptively innocent?

  • September 8, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    I don’t like being called innocent too.
    EVERY woman wants to have the last word in conversation, don’t they? 😀

    He he he…Guilty as charged Praveen! 😛

  • September 21, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    Innocent can mean ‘not wicked’ or it can mean, ‘not smart’. But often it is also used to imply someone who is not shrewd… a simple soul…

    I never gave the word much thought till now 😆 though I dislike the word, ‘obedient’ 😡

    Even it means simple…I still take offense. I am anything BUT!! But yes…ppl do find it amusing I don’t wanna be classified as innocent. And, I hate the word obedient with a passion!


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