Of I-pills and fast women

I am laughing rather hysterically making mom wonder if I have finally lost my sanity. 🙂 Our dear Mr. Kamat, who went around talking Hindutva crap on comments to my previous posts left a couple of more messages. In the first, he wonders if I am going to keep I-pills handy, because I am a fast woman and cheating is easy.

But, wait a sec. Just why is the I-pill so bad? It’s a contraceptive method, like any other. And why is the use of an I-pill considered the hallmark of a “loose” woman? I don’t get it at all. And yes, if I am really characterless, wouldn’t I be so stupid as to not use regular protection? I am insulted! I have enough brains to decide what to do with my life.Sadly, this comment is not directed at me alone. Theer is a deeper malaise. One that equates sex with sin, love affairs with pre-marital sex and pre-marital sex with characterless behaviour. Why can’t people understand that to love is not a sin? To express that love physically much less. They just don’t get it do they?

Also, the pill is supposed to be taken by women who cheat. But why? Why can’t I be married and happy, but not want or have kids? Why do I not, as a woman, have the right to my own body. People like Kamat, or Muthalik or anyone else don’t get one point. A woman is an individual in her own right. She is in control of her body. She has the right to decide when and with whom to sleep. She can also decide on whether and when she wants kids. Why is using an I-pill bad? I don’t think it is. Do you?

Edit: Missed out a word in that last paragraph. It made it seem like I was supporting children having sex! Sorry for the mix-up. 😛

7 thoughts on “Of I-pills and fast women

  1. valluvar selvan says:

    The Kamat types only prove that Marx and Engeles were right to say that in the world view of the capitalist class women are nothing but a means of production. In the feudal society a woman is no more than an object to be possessed used/abused and thrown away. In both the cases a woman’s position is no better than that of the slave as decided in the ‘Dred Scott’ case in the U.S during the time slavery was in practice. The master would always like to retain and excercise his power over the body and sole of the slave owned by him. Only the master can decide what use the property can be put to. Unfortunately most of the so called educated middle class men also share the same view. You have got the courage of conviction to air your views unmindful of abuses you may be subjected to. Hats off to you M/s Amrutha.

  2. Allytude says:

    WHAT A LOSER..that guy is. I just delete and block off crap of that nature from my blog- I cannot take the stress it causes me to read that.
    and love your comment on the i-pill.

    It’s stressful alright. But, I still can’t bring myself to deleting it. I have blacklisted him and I think that will do for the moment. Also, I am not enforcing comment moderation because I don’t want the hassle of moderating every single comment made by even my regular readers. Some trolls, once in a while, can be handled.

  3. vasudev says:

    [Why can’t I be married and happy, but not kids?]

    amrutha…sorry…i am a stupid guy. couldn’t still understand how to italise or highlight, despite your explanation on how to do so. therefore, i lean back on quickies. (wink!) lord god! now how do i discover the smileys?

    talking about quickies, it is man’s greatest discovery yet…the i-pill! often i have sweated for nearly 25 days of a month for having had ‘passion-unlimited’.

    but…do you say it is ok for kids to use sexual contraceptives? is it ok for our children to indulge in sex?

    maybe i did not understand the point you made too clearly…so please explain on the one within []

    Please see the edit. I meant, not WANT to have kids.

  4. Dr Roshan says:

    sigh.. ok, I’m not gonna bug ya by commenting on each post on how I so agree with your point of view.. honestly, refreshing to come across your blog.. blogrolling you.

  5. Kumar says:

    Yes, It is wise to use pills by women rather having an unwanted kid.No harm.Its better all women carry them rather depending on a guy’s money to buy one.Most of the Guys insist on pills rather than a condom.But condom is safer than pill.

    Point taken.

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