Of secularism and terrorism

I knew editorial standards in journalism were pathetic, but I frankly did not expect a newspaper like The Hindu to publish total bullshit like this. This article is offensive at so many levels that I don’t know where to start.

First, the author seems to confuse secularism with impartiality. Secular means non-religious. Terrorism is never about religion, it is simply about power. Religion is only a means to an end. She becomes incoherent when she cites Mahatma Gandhi and the Kanchi seer in a completely irrelevant situation. She then becomes outright offensive in this sentence.

A few Hindu militants emerged here and there only after the aliens who arrived in India provoked them or forcibly converted them. But their number has been too insignificant as otherwise India won’t be the multi-religious country that it is.

She basically implies that all Hindu fundamentalism is caused by the presence of aliens, supposedly Muslim invaders and European colonisers. Such a wild accusation, especially published in a respected paper like the Hindu is condemnable. That’s not all. As if wanting to prove that she understands zilch about either politics of foreign affairs, she asks why Mr. Vajpayee chose to inform Mr. Bush of the parliament attack. She wants to know who Mr. Bush is to decide the fate of our country. It just makes me wish she would shut up.
Let’s get one thing right. Secularism or religion has nothing to do with terrorism. Terror must be dealt with firmly, irrespective of the religion of the perpetrator. Equating one with the other is criminal. The task at hand is not to shun or criticise one community. It is to bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to justice. Their religion must be of no consequence to us. Nor the religion of the arrested Sadhvi or anyone else who perpetrates terror attacks. When will we understand that talking secularism in such troubled times only makes things worse. The question now is only of whether we can meet the challenge posed by terrorism.

4 thoughts on “Of secularism and terrorism

  1. Allytude says:

    I think she uses her anti-terrorism stance to justify her anti- Muslim( or other ) feelings. It is a disease a lot of commentators have suddenly got afflicted with. Terrorism is not about religion. Ever.

  2. Nimmy says:

    Very well said..You know something,its not just this article or newspaper alone,its everywhere,the prejudice ,the hate..I used to feel bad,but now i am accustomed to it and don’t care about it..I wish they knew the impact of such articles which will sow seeds of hatred in many people’s hearts..

  3. Nita says:

    I found that article in The Hindu laughable! Actually the truth is that journalism too has become about incompetent people and their incompetent masters. If you go to these papers to free lance they act as they are doing you a huge favour, because they have no way to evaluate merit.

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