Feedback please!!

I just switched to a simple WordPress theme adapted to blogger. Please do tell me how it looks. And tell me if my header image looks appropriate. Will look for something else otherwise. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Feedback please!!

  1. Amrutha says:

    Imp’s Mom: Thanks. 🙂

    Nikhil: I tried, but my original image doesn’t look good enough in colour. Sepia I though gives it a sort of classical look. What say?

  2. Cris says:

    I like the home page but when I go to the other pages, I see a different template and then coming back to home page still shows that template. How about every page be in the home page template?
    Header looks quiet and good, you can play with it changing it to suit your mood or topics, when you get time 🙂

  3. Cris says:

    Mm hullo, you will prolly kick me out but I have tagged you again – this one is on feminism, so I couldnt help leaving your name out!

  4. Amrutha says:

    Cris: Will do the tag… 🙂 was looking for something to write on…
    Also, the template bit. My blog is hosted on blogger. It does not permit multiple pages, unlike wordpress. So, I was forced to host the rest of my site on microsoft live, as normal html pages. so, can’t get the two to be identical…sorry about that!

  5. Nikhil Narayanan says:

    If you say so.
    But…I like color, bright colors. 🙂
    Feeling left out here, rest everybody liked sepia.

    I still say,more colors!

    And ya, move to easy life on wp is.


  6. Krishna Aradhi says:

    Yep. It looks nice. It’s ironical, though, that all the gorgeous themes I see on blogs hosted on Blogger are themes ported from WordPress 😀 Isn’t it better that you just move over to WordPress?

    And that header image is superb. Sepia does give it a classic look.

  7. Amrutha says:

    Nikhil: I know. Wish I had a nicer photo of my room in Paris. Now,its too late to take another snap. 🙁

    Krishna: WordPress has some restrictions on inserting javascripts in widgets. Still experimenting. Will take a month or two to decide whether to move.

  8. Krishna Aradhi says:

    The blogs you are talking about are freely hosted on It is there that you cannot use JavaScript in widgets.

    I guess you are currently using domain forwarding for hosting this blog, which effectively means that your blog is hosted on Blogger but you have your own domain.

    You can do use domain forwarding on too, but it’s a paid service. So, you’ll just have to get your blog hosted somewhere else if you want to move over to WordPress. I personally think it’s well worth the trouble, because WordPress rocks 😀

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