I rarely blog about cinema. I only write if it is worth the effort. The last movie I blogged about was Taare Zameen Par. But today, I wanted to talk about something entirely different. Let’s start with home. The release of the much-hyped Rajnikanth guest-starrer Kuselan is around the corner. I have watched the trailers and teasers on TV. What I find amazing is that Rajnikanth has become such a hyped commodity. For me, what is important is the story. According to reports, Rajnikanth has barely 15 minutes of screen time. But, practically all the teasers feature him to the exclusion of everyone else. This, I find unacceptable. The other actors in the movie are equally accomplished, if not actually better. Take Pasupathy for example. I would rather watch Pasupathy perform as villain than watch Rajnikanth dancing around trees with an 18 year-old heroine. It is galling that actors of the calibre of Pasupathy and Prabhu are being sidelined in favour of the "superstar". I would not watch this movie for Rajnikanth, but I probably will because it veterans like Balachander and Vasu. I am probably going to get brickbats from fans of the superstar. But frankly, I am sick of geriatric heroes running around the trees with heroines less than their daughters’ age. Vijaykanth is probably the worst of the lot. But, Rajnikanth or even Kamal Hassan(I happen to like Kamal’s acting) are no better. Can they please give way to younger, and better-looking heroes?

Now, on to the next. Check out this post. A bit excessive don’t you think? Even worse, the stupid "rule" the author has cited. I got to this link via Confused. And, I quite agree with him. It’s a movie!! I go to a movie to have fun. Yes, once in a while, a movie succeeds in touching my heart or making me think. Like Taare… did. But, that is it. Some people love looking at the world through the prism of feminism. And the result is disastrous at times and ridiculous at others. I am not a feminist. I believe in equality, yes. But I do NOT watch every single movie with feminism on my mind. And if you so dislike pointless characters, you shouldn’t be watching movies anyway. Most movie characters make no sense, male or female.

On cinema

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  • July 30, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    I have seen the original version of Kuselan in Malayalam(Katha parayumbol) and Mammooty would have had just over 15 minutes role in the movie.

    Even though Sreenivasan(actor in Kathaparayumbol) is nowhere near the superstar status like Mammootty, the posters did not have much of Mammooty, because Sreenivasan films are good and very realistic.He can bring ppl to theaters.

    May be the actor who is doing Sreenivasan’s role in the Tamil version, can not bring many people to theaters.And as we all know Rajni can do that!

    May be its a cheap stunt in making in a Rajani movie, but they have to make profits, right?


  • July 30, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    Ok…Pasupathy may not be a saleable star. But Prabhu? Was a successful hero in his own right and worked with the likes of Mani Ratnam. what about Vadivelu whose full-length comedy turned out to be a runaway hit? I still think it is nor fair to sideline the others in favour of Rajnikanth.


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