Cheerleaders and the moral police…and Barkha Dutt too

Check out this piece by Barkha Dutt in the Hindustan Times. Frankly, I have never liked Dutt, nor do I find her writing logical and coherent. But, this piece exceeds all expectations. dutt makes a complete fool of herself unlike anytime in the past. Confused is quite justified in asking what exactly the point is. Seriously, what was she thinking. I don’t understand why we need bikini-clad cheerleaders to make cricket viewing more fun, but that’s their job. They have been hired by the team bosses (read Vijay Mallya and Co) to do that job. What is the point in venting our ire on them. If Dutt had the guts, she must have directed her irritation against Mallya. Her comment that white cheerleaders are trashy.

“But even if I think that the cheerleaders are (there’s no polite way to say this) essentially white trash, I find the attempt by sundry politicians to ban them — or dress them up in clothes that cover their knees — farcical and indefensible.”

I find that disgusting, especially since it comes from Dutt, who fancies herself to be a champion of liberal causes. White trash? What the @$%?? These girls show a lot of skin. True. They are all white. True. But, does that justify Dutt casting aspersions on their character or taking the moral high ground? I think not. She likes to call herself liberal. But, her most recent article seems to demonstrate otherwise. To me, she is simply taking refuge under the “liberal” tag to say exactly the same things as the moral police, spineless politicians and religious fundamentalists.

5 thoughts on “Cheerleaders and the moral police…and Barkha Dutt too

  1. Nita writes says:

    I’ve looked at this post and you know what? It reeks of “dark-ages” styled narrow-mindedness. May I say, I’m terribly disappointed that the likes of Barkha Dutt(who stastics reveal is one of the better journalists to have graced India’s news community)could actually stoop to such a level.

    What she actually needs to do(in addition to possibly a billion other things) is to look up the “real” meaning of white trash!

  2. Krishna Aradhi says:

    WTF? I had always felt that Barkha Dutt was one of the better journalists in the Indian media. Apparently, I was wrong.

  3. Mathangi says:

    be it barkha or rajdheep, they’ve become business people and lost their identity as journalists long back!

  4. the mad momma says:

    never been a barkha dutt fan and i am glad you pointed this out. people are rather free with the term white trash and it does reek of narrow mindedness…

  5. Ishmart Alec says:

    did you hear about how she silenced a blogger called kunte who chose to blog about barkha dutt. She served him with a legal notice forcing him to apologize and retract his statement. so much for free speech.

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