A blogger’s lame attempt at humour

Came across this while surfing randomly. Truemors is a Silicon Valley blog. And the writer claims that, “Jaguar is expected to become affectionately known as the “left Tata”, while the slightly larger Land Rover will take the role of “right Tata”.” Tata in old English slang means breast… I don’t find this funny. Do you? To me, the whole post reeks of an imperialist hangover. Tata Motors is here to stay. Deal with it!

3 thoughts on “A blogger’s lame attempt at humour

  1. rahul says:

    let these goras sulk ..TATA is here to stay..and is gonna make JLR proud of it’s owner, I too had written some verses on the jaguar …check them out!!!

  2. Amrutha says:

    true…it’s always existed, but doesn’t fail to rankle every time you hear stuff like this…i find it almost impossible not to react…

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