India and Poverty

Came across this page when I tried to sphere content related to my most recent post. No, I don’t dispute any of the statistics. I am sure all of them are true. There certainly are 22 million cases pending in Indian courts. And all the other stats about rapes, discrimination, poverty, farmer suicides and the like are true. But, what I find amusing is that all this is being disclosed by a Pakistani, who calls himself a social scientist. I wouldn’t have had a problem if he had been equally critical of his own country on the rest of his blog. But, he seems to be trying rather hard to prove that India is not as great as the media would like everyone to believe.

Just one thing on the courts issue: Mr. Ansari forgot to mention that Indian courts function and that Chief Justices are not thrown into prison or sacked because the President fought with his wife (or husband, as the case is with Ms. Patil).

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