This post is about exactly what the title says. Since when did fish become a vegetarian dish? The last time I checked, fish belonged to the animal family. And unless it has changed zoological classifications overnight, there is no way in hell it can be considered a vegetarian dish. Why is it so difficult for people to comprehend that some people in this world can do perfectly well without eating fish, meat or anything that comes from killing an animal? On thursday, exhausted from the day’s classes, I walked into a café and asked for anything that did not contain meat or fish. And….voilà!! The lady at the counter, appearing to be very pleased with herself, proposed prawns, adding that it was delicious the way they made it!

Well….what can i say? I politely refused, explaining that I do not eat anything that comes from killing an animal, all the time struggling to keep the exasperation out of my voice. And she tells me, intelligently might I add, that she is not sure whether prawns can be considered animals! They are shelled creatures apparently, that do not satisfy the requirements of being an animal. The last thing I wanted to do that night, at 9 30 pm was to give her a lesson on zoology and the classification of animals. So I smiled sweetly, all the while wanting to throttle her, and said that I would settle for a good old crêpe with chocolate sauce. At least that is vegetarian. Aaaargh! People!!

How is fish veg?

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