Nita’s question set me thinking…(see comment to post on domestic violence). She has asked if it would be nice if women were endowed with a sixth sense that they are walking into a death trap on the eve of the wedding. Wouldn’t they be able to walk out and save themselves? My question is…how many women will actually do that? Do you think women will walk out a wedding and live life on their own terms? There are a million factors that can influence such a decision…unmarried sisters, indebted parents or social stigma attached to a single woman who chose to leave the night before her wedding…

The only way this situation can change is through a change in mindset. It is not easy…it cannot be brought about by promulgating a law….it is gradual…social change always is….So, I would say that the scenario envisaged by Nita is, at best, idealistic.

A reflection on Nita’s question

One thought on “A reflection on Nita’s question

  • October 31, 2006 at 11:43 am

    Wouldn’t we all like to live in such an ideal world? However, there’s one question that begs more explanations than others. Why is it Amri, that the occidentals have far less tolerence to failed marriages, incompatibility and the lot than their sub-continental counterparts ? Even in the face of adversity, many women(and by that , I’m referring to the Occidentals) take the brave step of walking out of a relationship which despite bringing them a roof over their head, food on the table and a few basic luxuries gets a bit too hard to breathe in ? I gotta hand it out to them. I wish such an awareness and sense of “can-do” attitude spread into our country as well.


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