There!! It’s a beautiful day in Chennai once again. As I left home this morning, I found it really hard to believe that just 24 hours ago, the skies had opened up and it had rained cats and dogs. So much so that all of Chennai city was flooded with knee deep water. The stagnant water and the fact that my dratted Scooty stopped midway made me hate the rain. But, sitting in the warmth and safety of my house, there are days when I have wished it would never stop. Rain brings prosperity and happiness, it is nature’s way of endowing her blessings to those who deserve it. Yeah right!! try saying that to someone who is stuck in pouring rain for an hour in the middle of nowhere with a bike that won’t start!! That was my case. Yet, I love the rain. I still think getting wet is romantic…even if Anand does not agree…What say?

It’s a beautiful day!

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