In the Colosseum. Awe-inspiring edifice. Brought up a Hollywood pop culture, I couldn’t help picturing a very sexy Russel Crowe in the arena. ????

But, what’s a Christian cross doing in a pre-Christian Roman monument?

Interesting to see men dressed in ancient Roman costumes.

Palatino Museum: Sculpture dating back to Roman antiquity. Main distinction between these and the sculptures present in the Vatican museum is that those in the Vatican aren’t in the nude. The genital area is covered with a fig leaf. Must find out when Christian mores started influencing Roman art.

When I see these sculptures, I somehow can’t get two statues: Pieta and the Winged Victory of Samothrace out of my mind. Something about those two that touches the deepest recesses of the heart. Now waiting to see David in Florence.

The Imperial Fora and the Colosseum took most of the day to see…plenty of walking with music for company. Lovely day. It was bright and sunny, with temperatures going upto 19 degrees. What more do I need?

Rome needs better connectivity…the metros aren’t enough.

The European adventure – III

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