Turning 30…

…is something I have dreaded ever since I turned 29 last year. So, when the day dawned with pouring rains and flashing lightning, it almost felt like nature was mirroring my state of mind. Not to say that I was completely depressed…a birthday is definitely something to cheer about and the number of calls and wishes I got today made the day worth my while. But somewhere in the back of my mind, there was this nagging thought that I am no longer a twenty-something as of today.

It was not so long ago that I thought 30 was old. When I turned 20, it was with great joy that I welcomed the start of the next decade. was with great joy that I realized that I was no longer a teen. That I was well and truly an adult. But turning 30 is altogether a different thing. This is when you realize that you are no longer a young adult. That you are well and truly in the adult world. Nobody excuses your mistakes anymore. Nobody tells you it’s ok because you are still very young. When you turn 30, you suddenly realize that you are growing older. No, scratch that…you are growing OLD!

As the day ended, I realized one thing. You can never stop growing older, but you can always keep feeling as young and energetic as you felt when you were 20. A friend summed it up quite well as I cribbed to her about turning 30. “Arey, chhod na? Age is just a number!” Now…that’s a fabulous attitude! Age is just a number. It’s how you live your life that truly matters! Happy birthday to me!